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Aiming to make art more accessible and easier to acquire, Resource:Art has recently partnered with Art Money, a global organization which empowers people to buy art, supports artists and galleries, and helps to create a sustainable creative economy.


In order to offer the service of Art Money to our clients and support our artists right away, Resource:Art pays the company a commission, which keeps your purchase easy and interest free.


How it works:

*Fill out a quick and easy online application 

*Browse work in the gallery or online then select a piece of art that you love and would like to purchase

*Take the artwork home after paying the gallery a 10% minimum deposit.

*Further payments may then be spread out over 10 months with no interest charge.

•There is no interest for you because we are paying a commission to art money

•The gallery gets paid so our artists can get paid straight away, it’s a win win

•it’s the way many collectors are managing their art budget today

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