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RESOURCE:ART is a unique collaboration that brings together the talents of two independent Western New York gallerists.



Elisabeth Samuels is a painter, curator & educator, currently Director at Indigo Gallery. Born in Chicago, she received a BA from Indiana University, studied at The Art Institute of Chicago, and UNC program Figline Valdarno, Italy, and received a MFA in Painting and an MA in Art Education from the University of Wisconsin Madison. For more than 25 years Samuels has worked in the fine art field using her curatorial skill set in both educational and gallery settings, as well as through community engagement. Samuels is the cofounder of Artists in Buffalo and the current incarnation of Allentown First Fridays. 


Emily Tucker, Director of Benjaman Gallery Group, grew up in the art gallery her parents founded in 1970.  She has always been surrounded by fine art and has developed a keen eye for quality.  After spending years working in the financial world of New York City, Tucker took a job at Macklowe Gallery on Madison Avenue. At Macklowe, Tucker learned how to work with high-end collectors and market investment quality fine art.  In 2010, Tucker returned home to Buffalo take over the family fine art gallery. Since then, she has been using her vast and varied experiences in New York to expand the family business to an international market.

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